These haskap berries are seriously amazing. I think it might be my favourite berry, especially for this time of year. These berries look like an odd shaped blueberry, they have a tougher skin, and a tart flavour. Haskap berries can be a light summer treat or used in heartier dishes in the fall, when the weather starts to cool off.  Plus, they have twice the amount of antioxidants than blueberries! Win!

I wasn’t expecting the berries to be so bold in flavour, but they sure do pack a lot of punch! If you don’t have access to haskap berries (I can help you with that), cherries work just as well, just make sure you pit them first!

Use this recipe on waffles or pancakes, poured over ice cream, or to brighten up a cocktail. I’ll have more on that coming soon! Enjoy!