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I am a Registered Nurse living in Saskatchewan, Canada who enjoys experimenting and making a HUGE mess in the kitchen during my spare time. I have high hopes that my invisible maid Miriam will miraculously show up and help the disastrous mess disappear! Usually, the bigger the mess, the better the recipe right? This innate talent of creating extravagant messes must be acknowledged and owned by my mom. Thanks, Mom! 🙂 You can find inspiration for recipes, home decor, beauty and maybe some motivation to try something new. My hope is to inspire the everyday girl to follow their passions and spend time trying new things, and doing what they love. I am finally making my day dreams a reality and I hope you follow along this journey with me!

I have three puppies who are basically a full time job all on their own-maybe they will make it in a post or two! Stay tuned dog lovers! My boyfriend, Kelly also enjoys cooking and he is a huge help and inspiration for some of my recipes here on Hopefully Made.

Please let me know if you stopped by and tell me something about yourself, we would love to hear from you! 🙂





Hi I’m Tanzley!


I’m really excited to be joining Hope on Hopefully Made. My goal is to share with you experiences from everyday life that give me passion! For example, I love ALL things beauty and hair, so I imagine I’ll be sharing a lot about that, home décor, and I’ll try to throw in the occasional recipe – even though I am by no means a professional chef/baker – just a normal gal trying to make my way around my kitchen.


A few fun facts about me:

• I’m a Registered Nurse from Canada, and I work full time in Neonatal Intensive Care, which I absolutely LOVE!

• I’m engaged to my best friend, Jesse, and we are planning our wedding for the summer of 2018.

• I have a Bichon Pomeranian named Bentley, who just turned 7, who I adore more than anything, so don’t be surprised if I mention him/if he’s in the background (or the main focus) of some of the pictures I post.

• I love to be creative. I really enjoy drawing, painting, scrapbooking, etc. – really anything that involves creating, but I don’t spend enough time doing those things, so I’m excited to use this blog as a creative outlet.


I am looking forward to this journey and am excited to have you come along!